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Dance excellence begins at Dance Kraze Dance Studio. Located in Enfield and Windsor, CT, we are committed to fantastic instruction in all styles of dance. Our dance studio offers a friendly, family-oriented, supportive, safe space for dancers of all ages to grow.

Voted Top 50 Dance Studios in the U.S.

Voted #1 Dance Studio of Excellence since 2006

Recipient of Best Businesses In Enfield, Windsor & Surrounding Towns since 2006



Ballet dancers pose in class at Dance Kraze Dance Studio in Enfield, CT
Once you get into your groove, you’ll feel great! We are here to make sure you reach your full potential.


Dancers stretch in class at Dance Kraze Dance Studio in Enfield, CT
With us, you won’t just become a good dancer — but an incredible one! We encourage all to strive for excellence while having fun along the way.


Dancers stretch in class at Dance Kraze Dance Studio in Enfield, CT
Dance class is something you’ll look forward to! Students make friends, discover an enthusiasm, and prosper as people with a new perspective.


beginner dance class at Dance Kraze Dance Studio in Enfield, CT
You’ll be so thankful you got moving! As our student, you’ll take lessons learned here everywhere.


Confidence and Self Esteem

Dance classes provide children with an opportunity to learn a new skill, perform and develop their self-esteem and confidence, which transfer into all areas of their lives. Dance also promotes good posture, which has been proven to make us feel better about ourselves and more confident.


Dance offers a community for children to be a part of, where they can make friends with similar hobbies and interests, experience shows and performance opportunities together and learn to work as part of a team.

Physical Benefits

Dance is an excellent way for children to develop many different physical skills. These include balance, flexibility, strength, conditioning, posture, agility, and stamina which is great for sports too. Dance also teaches children how to exercise safely and how to look after their bodies.


There are many opportunities for achievement within dance. These include performing on a stage in front of a crowd of people, completing a dance for an exam or mastering a particular skill or movement. These moments are great for promoting a child’s self-worth and self-esteem.


Within dance, sometimes children will be challenged. It is essential that they keep trying, keep practicing and don’t give up. Dance teaches children to work hard and keep going if it’s something they really want to do!


Dance offers opportunities for children to express themselves in different ways, which can be extremely beneficial to self-expression and mental health. Learning how to be creative and use their imagination from a young age is very important for problem-solving, trying out new ideas and developing new ways of thinking.

Staying Active

This is an obvious benefit of many children’s activities. Staying active is extremely important for children of all ages, especially when children have been remote learning and have not been able to play with friends and attend as many clubs and activities.


Dance teaches children the ability to work towards goals, whether those goals are small or large and having the drive and determination to achieve those goals and ambitions.

Presentation Skills

Dance, and the performing arts as a whole, have significant benefits for a child’s posture, presentation and performance skills. Dance uniform encourages the children to take pride in their appearance, which stands them in great stead for the rest of their lives. Being able to stand up and perform on a stage or in class in front of their peers develops the ability to present themselves confidently in all areas of their life. This could be for an interview for university, their first job or a presentation at school or college.

Work Ethic

In dance, there is often a goal that we hope to achieve. That might be as small as learning a step, mastering a dance sequence, or larger goals such as, competing at a festival, dancing in a show or taking an exam. The work ethic that is required to reach these goals teaches children that although some things may come easily, lots of things in life may require hard work to achieve.

Dancers have been granted video shoots in LA and have appeared in Music Videos with Various Area Artists as well as film clips with the Haven Project.  Dancers have also been featured at various film festivals

Dancers have been featured in Dance Spirit and iDance Magazines as well as Models for various costume companies and ambassadors for various dancewear and dance products

Dancers have been awarded scholarships with Alvin Alley American Dance Theatre, Broadway Dance Center,  Joffrey Ballet School. The Balanced Being Workshop and More!

Dancers have been featured in the Albany Berkshire Ballet Nutcracker, New England Ballet Theatre CT The Fantastic Toy Shop, Carnival of the Animals and More!

Bust a Move

At Dance Kraze Studio Located in Enfield & Windsor, CT

Are you krazy for dance? Whether you’re an aspiring ballerina, gymnast, or music video back-up dancer, you’ll find an extraordinarily rewarding passion at Dance Kraze Dance Studio!

Dance lifts your spirits and makes you feel invincible! Our team of highly trained, expert, committed choreographers are here to make your experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible. We offer a variety of classes for all groups, emphasizing exceptional technical training while having a blast with every step. Students develop dedication, teamwork skills, and mutual respect while transforming into the sensational dancer they’ve always envisioned themselves as.

Begin Your Journey Into the World of Dance!

Dance It Out

Our Enfield location provides instruction in both recreational and competitive dance, while our Windsor location is focused on recreational dance and currently introducing a competitive dance program. We offer combo classes, which saves families time and money. Dance Kraze is also, of course, happy to be our community’s favorite dance camp and birthday party destination!

Dancer doing choreography in Windsor & Enfield, CT
What type of classes do you offer?

The classes we offer include Recreational, Competitive, Master, Adult Pop-Up, Acro/Gymnastics, Ballet & Pointe, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and more!

What is your age requirement for dance classes?

We offer classes of genres of dance for ages 2 and up!

How can I register for classes?

You can register for classes directly on our website. If you have any questions, please give us a call!

When does the summer Dance Camp begin?

We have 4 different Dance Camp sessions you can choose from. Each session starts in June and runs through July!

Where can I purchase dance apparel and shoes?

You can purchase all of your dance supplies directly through our online store We have leotards, tights, tutus, and other fun, cute merchandise available for purchase! Shoes can be ordered from Dance Village in Manchester, CT.

Revolution ballet shoe in East Windsor, CT

Nimbly Dance Supply Shop

Visit our online store and stock up! Feel free to stop into the studio to get sized and then place your order. Leotards, tights, tutus, dance shoes, and other fun, cute merchandise is all just one click away!

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